Populära resedestinationer i Polen

  • Warszawa

    A post-war city, Warsaw was practically destroyed and has undergone a massive rebuilding project which has been quite successful. The result is a cosmopolitan, progressive, modern city with a vibrant energy. Wander down the Royal Route for great shopping and a view of the palaces and gardens that survived the destruction. And don’t miss out on the club scene at night, as fashionable locals flock to the clubs.

    Boende i Warsaw

  • Kraków

    Escaping World War II unscathed has allowed Krakow to showcase a mesmerizing Old Town, full of church spires, squares, markets, and restaurants. The city is a “living museum” in itself, a beautifully preserved medieval town. History buffs have plenty to explore here, and lovers of art and culture won’t be disappointed with the excellent museums, theaters, and festivals going on in this gem of a city.

    Boende i Krakow

  • Gdańsk

    The city of Gdansk is situated on the north shore of Baltic sea in the Gdansk Bay. It is the capital of Poland's sea trade and altogether with the cities Gdynia and Sopot forms metropolitan area called Tricity. In the past Gdansk was part of the Hanseatic League, alliance of german trading cities, and yet in early 20th Century there was 90 % of German population in the city. Now you can find here a lot of sights with beautiful architecture such as the Hanseatic principal houses.

    Boende i Gdańsk

  • Poznań

    Poznań  is a city in west-central Poland. Located on the Warta River, it is one of the oldest cities in Poland, making it an important historical centre and a vibrant centre of trade, industry, and education. Poznań is Poland's fifth largest city and fourth biggest industrial centre. It is also the administrative capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Poznań's cathedral is the oldest in the country, containing the tombs of the first Polish rulers.

    Boende i Poznań

  • Wrocław

    Wrocław is the chief city of the historical region of Lower Silesia in south-western Poland, situated on the Oder river. Over the centuries the city has been part of Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia, and Germany. In 1945, the city was occupied by Poland following the Potsdam Agreement. Since 1999 it has been the capital of Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

    Boende i Wrocław

  • Szczecin

    Szczecin is the biggest sea port in Poland, it lies by the river Odra and it is the capital of  West-Pomerania country. Buildings here are much influenced by Art Nuveau, architecture from the beggining of 20th Century. From the elder times can be seen the castle of Pomeranian princes, St. Jacob Cathedral, harbour port or bastion. The city is the centre for yachting as well.

    Boende i Szczecin

  • Katowice

    Katowice is important historical city of the area Upper Silesia in southern Poland. It is the centre of the biggest urban community of 3,5 million people in the country. The growth of the city depended on coal mining and steel industries. But there are many of architectonical examples of Modernism and Art Nouveau in the downtown as well.

    Boende i Katowice

  • Lublin

    Lublin is situated in the eastern part of Poland, in the Lublin Voivodeship. History reaches into 5th Century and in 13th Cent. was Lublin considered as a city. Today it is mainly cultural centre with a lot of galleries, museums and four universities.

    Boende i Lublin

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